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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WordPress And PHP Global Variables Problem

Does WordPress Control Global Variables in a Different Way?
Wordpress And PHP Global Variables Problem

Today I have found a new unusual problem of PHP global variables in WordPress. ( It may be my problem). I was trying to change the wp global variable $current_user in a user define function by calling global keyword. My code was
function add_some_user_info()
global $current_user; #Global Variable Generated By WP Core
 $current_user->new_info="My New Value"; # Remember this line

echo "<pre>";print_r($current_user);echo "</pre>";
Output: Showing WP current user object with my additional Value.
When I use   $current_user="Test Value"; Output: Test Value
When I use $current_user=false or null or 0; Output should be  blank but it is showing WP current user object without no change. That means I can not change $current_user object to delete, null, false or zero but can change with some string.  How it works?
Then I guessed that $current_user variable may be protected by a different way.(What is the technique?)

I tested the following codes to identify the PHP Global variable rule.
$test="<br>First Value<br>";
function test_function()
global $test;
echo $test;
$test="<br>Second Value Changed by Function<br>";
echo "<pre>";print_r($test);echo "</pre>";
I wrote the above code in a normal.php file and run it.
First Value
Second Value Changed by Function

Then I wrote the same code beginning of   a WordPress theme file header.php and run it.

First Value

Why these different output  in   normal.php file and wordPress header.php file ?

If anybody confused about my words test my codes in a simple file and a WP theme file.
Have You Any Correct Explanation About This Problem?

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