Monday, April 28, 2014

Best Ad Management Plugins and Solutions for WordPress

Are you looking for a perfect system to manage your ads for your WordPress blog or website. useful . Here I will show your the best plugin for ad management.

WP Ad Guru

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

What is the Best Process to Manage Banner ads in an WordPress Blog

As you are an an affiliate marketer you are reviewing products in your blogs. You are showing many product banner ads in your blog posts. When you have a lot of products reviewed then you must face problem managing your ads.
I am an WordPress programmer, I have realized this problem of affiliate marketers and bloggers.   I have released an easy and complete advertising management plugin WP Ad Guru  to manage your banner ads, popup campaigns.
See plugin features and you will discover the easiest way that you have never gone.
Premium: WP Ad Guru
Free: WP Ad Guru Lite

WP Ad Guru Premium WordPress Plugin

Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Use WordPress wp_mail() for Mailing to Thousands Recipient Without Timeout

We know how to send email using PHP  function mail(). WordPress has a function to send email. wp_mail() is used  to send email form WordPress site. wp_mail() has a lot of advantage instead of using php mail() function. PHP  mail() function can take only one recipient email address at once. If we want to sent mail to 10 people then we have to call mail() function 10 times. But we can use multiple  recipient address together in wp_mail() function. This is not a problem. When we want to send mail to thousands email address, then if we run thousands mail event in a single request then php will must timeout. So how can we send email to thousands people without timeout. We may run a PHP/WP cron job to send a chunk of mail in each call.  Then we have to use database to store the mail sending status. Each time when a scheduled event called then we should check the last sending status and should send next few mail in the same process. And the rest emails should be sent in next scheduled cron call.
I am not saying this is the right process. I have to digg into the codes of newslatter plugins, how they handle this bulk emailing process.  

How to Use wp_mail for Thousands Recipient

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WordPress And PHP Global Variables Problem

Does WordPress Control Global Variables in a Different Way?
Wordpress And PHP Global Variables Problem

Today I have found a new unusual problem of PHP global variables in WordPress. ( It may be my problem). I was trying to change the wp global variable $current_user in a user define function by calling global keyword. My code was
function add_some_user_info()
global $current_user; #Global Variable Generated By WP Core
 $current_user->new_info="My New Value"; # Remember this line

echo "<pre>";print_r($current_user);echo "</pre>";
Output: Showing WP current user object with my additional Value.
When I use   $current_user="Test Value"; Output: Test Value
When I use $current_user=false or null or 0; Output should be  blank but it is showing WP current user object without no change. That means I can not change $current_user object to delete, null, false or zero but can change with some string.  How it works?
Then I guessed that $current_user variable may be protected by a different way.(What is the technique?)

I tested the following codes to identify the PHP Global variable rule.
$test="<br>First Value<br>";
function test_function()
global $test;
echo $test;
$test="<br>Second Value Changed by Function<br>";
echo "<pre>";print_r($test);echo "</pre>";
I wrote the above code in a normal.php file and run it.
First Value
Second Value Changed by Function

Then I wrote the same code beginning of   a WordPress theme file header.php and run it.

First Value

Why these different output  in   normal.php file and wordPress header.php file ?

If anybody confused about my words test my codes in a simple file and a WP theme file.
Have You Any Correct Explanation About This Problem?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Google Plus API is Coming Very Soon for Developers

Google is rolling out API very soon for developers to take a sneak peak and develop applications. In the meantime developers can sign up at to get a early access onto the Google plus API.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HSC Result 2011 From An Alternative Faster Server | Education Board Bangladesh

Today Ministry of Education Board Published The HSC Result 2011. The Main Result Publishing Site of Education Board Bangladesh is But this site is too slow and busy today and you are unable to see the result.
I have made an alternative server to search the HSC Result 2011. My search result is also coming from

Go to Our Alternative Server 1 to Search HSC Result 2011 »»

Go to Our Alternative Server 2 to Search HSC Result 2011 »»

HSC Result 2011 | Education Board Bangladesh | An Alternative Server

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Microdata Format | New HTML Schema by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!

Most webmasters are familiar with HTML tags on their pages. Usually, HTML tags tell the browser how to display the information included in the tag. For example, <h1>Avatar</h1> tells the browser to display the text string "Avatar" in a heading 1 format. However, the HTML tag doesn't give any information about what that text string means—"Avatar" could refer to the a hugely successful 3D movie, or it could refer to a type of profile picture—and this can make it more difficult for search engines to intelligently display relevant content to a user. provides a collection of shared vocabularies webmasters can use to mark up their pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines: Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!
You use the vocabulary, along with the microdata format, to add information to your HTML content. While the long term goal is to support a wider range of formats, the initial focus is on Microdata. This guide will help get you up to speed with microdata and, so that you can start adding markup to your web pages. Read Detail on